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Peptide Conferences

Peptide Conferences is an organisation dedicated to running high quality scientific meetings in the Peptide Sciences. We work with a number of learned societies and other academic bodies to bring together world-leading researchers in an environment conducive to exchange of ideas and information, networking and development of collaborations.

The future success of the field depends on the professional development of young researchers - graduate students and PostDocs (PDRAs). To encourage their active participation, significant student and PDRA discounts are available for all meetings organised by Peptide Conferences.

Supporting & Partner Organisations

Conferences have been held under the auspices of a number of learned societies, all of which have provided invaluable practical support and some of which have also provided financial support. We are mosst grateful to these organisations for their help. For more information about these societies, please viist their websites.

Meeetings organised by Peptide Conferences are held under the auspices of the Protein & Peptide Science Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The European Peptide Society provided financial support for Peptide Arrays 2011 and Nanopeptide 2012.

Nanopeptide 2012 was held under the auspices of the Macro Group UK.

The British Biophysical Society provided financial support for the Peptide Arrays 2011 meeting and Nanopeptide 2012 was held under its auspices.

Media Partner

Future Conferences

7th International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides, Copenhagen, Denmark,

August 25 - 27, 2017

Peptide Conferences is working with Prof. Håvard Jensen, University of Roskilde, on the next in this series of highly successful meetings.


The meeting will take place at the University of Copenhagen.

Scientific Programme

There will be a full programme of talks and posters based around the main themes:

  • Structure, Function & Design of AMPs
  • Therapeutic Applications of AMPs
  • Biomaterials, Membranes & Biophysics


Organising Committee

  • Paul Robert Hansen, Denmark
  • Kai Hilpert, UK
  • Ralf Hoffmann, Germany
  • Håvard Jenssen, Denmark
  • Karl Lohner, Austria
  • Alessandra Romanelli, Italy
  • Edwin Veldhuizen, Utrecht


Visit the IMAP 2017 website

Previous Conferences

6th International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides, Leipzig, Germany, August 31 -  September 3, 2016

Peptide Conferences worked with Prof. Ralf Hoffmann and Leipzig University on the 6th in this series of highly successful meetings.

Organising Committee

  •  Kai Hilpert, St. Georges, University of London, UK
  • Ralf Hoffmann, Leipzig University, Germany
  • Karl Lohner, University of Graz, Austria
  • Lisandra Martin, Monash University, Australia
  • Marco Scocchi, University of Trieste, Italy
  • Laszlo Otvos, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA
  • John Wade, University of Melbourne, Australia

Visit the IMAP 2016 website


The organisers are grateful for the financial support for the meeting provided by NovaBiotics Ltd.

International Meeting on Peptide & Protein Based Materials & Technologies

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Building on the success of Nanopeptide 2012, Nanopeptide 2015: Peptide and Protein Based Materials and Technologies was held March 2 - 4, 2015 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

More information is available on the Nanopeptide 2015 website.

Conference Chair

  • Rein Ulijn, CUNY & Strathclyde

Keynote Speaker

  • Sam Stupp, Northwestern

Programme Committee:

  • Vince Conticello, Emory
  • Jeff Hartgerink, Rice
  • Aline Miller, Manchester
  • Thomas Scheibel, Bayreuth
  • Louise Serpell, Sussex
  • Tony Weiss,  Sydney

Peptide Arrays 2013


September 3-4, 2013

Peptide Arrays 2013 built on the success of the first meeting, held in London in 2011. The keynote talk was given by Prof. Mark Bradley of the Univeristy of Edinburgh. Invited speakers came from North America, continental Europe, Israel and the UK. Subjects covered included the use of peptide arrays in epitope mapping and to explore other protein interactions in cell biology, cancer and other biomedical applications. In addition, sessions covered new array technologies and the physics, biophysics and bioengineering applications of peptide arrays. There was also a full programme of talks and posters selected from submitted abstracts.

Programme Committee: Dr. George Baillie (University of Glasgow), Prof. Robin Leatherbarrow (Imperial College, London).

For more information, visit the Peptide Arrays website.

3rd International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides


September 23-24, 2013

The third in the series of meetings on antimicrobial peptides followed the successful 1 day meeting held in Leipzig, Germany, in August 2012.

Programme Committee: Prof. Brian Austen (St. Georges, University of London), Dr. KaI Hilpert (St. Georges, University of London), Prof. Ralf Hoffmann (University of Leipzig).

For more information, visit the IMAP2013 website.

Meetings Organised by the Protein & Peptide Sciences Group (PPSG)

PPSG Early Stage Researcher Meeting, Burlington House, London, 21st November 2014

The 5th Peptide and Protein Subject Group Early Stage Researcher Meeting for PhD students and postdocs givign them the opportunity to present their work in a supportive environment. There will be prizes of £150 each for the best poster and best oral presentation. The meeting will close with a plenary lecture by Prof. Stephen Kent, University of Chicago. For more information and online registration, visit the meeting page.

PPSG Early Stage Researcher Meeting, Durham, 11th November 2013

You can read a report of this meeting in Laurent Caron's blog on the Cambridge Research Biochemicals website.

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Other Peptide Conferences

These conferences are not organised by Peptide Conferences, but may be of interest.