11th International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides

September 2 - 4, 2024

King's College London, UK


Conference Co-Chairs

Alethea Tabor

University College London

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James Mason

King's College London

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Kai Hilpert

St. George's University of London

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Organising Committee

Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs) and Host Defence Peptides (HDPs)

The 11th International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides (IMAP 2024) sees a return to the UK and this time will be hosted by King's College London (KCL).

The conference will cover both the antimicrobial activity of peptides as well as their role in regulation and modulation of the immune system.

IMAP 2023 is held under the auspices of the Protein & Peptide Science Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Meeting Sponsor

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Scientific Programme

  • Prediction, Design & Synthesis

  • Prediction from Data Mining

  • Mode of Action & Resistance

  • AMPs on Surfaces & Biomaterials

  • AMPs / HDPs in Immunomodulation

  • Applications & Therapeutics

More information will be available in early 2024.

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Continuing a Successful Series

IMAP 2024 is the 11th in a series of meetings building on the success of the previous meetings held in Trieste, Italy (IMAP 2023), Utrecht, Netherlands (IMAP 2019), Edinburgh, UK (IMAP 2018), Copenhagen, Denmark (IMAP 2017), Leipzig, Germany (IMAP 2016), London, UK (IMAP 2015), Graz, Austria (IMAP 2014), London, UK (IMAP 2013) and Leipzig, Germany (IMAP 2012 and IMAP 2008). Visit the Archive Page for details of some of the earlier conferences.